Kobe Bryant Memorial Tattoos

Tyler Martina

Kobe Bryant Memorial tattoos

Kobe Bryant Memorial Tattoos

Kobe Bryant was a legend. The Black Mamba. LA’s son. 

A great man, whose story ended too soon.

Here at Mr. Inkwells we have the opportunity to help people get through the rough times by remembering the good in memorial tattoos.

The tragedy that struck Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and the other seven passengers in that crash is nothing short of tragic. That is why at Mr. Inkwells Tattoo Shop we have been doing many Kobe memorial tattoos. We are sharing some of those in this article to give you ideas if you were planning on memorializing the legend, and to help you remember his greatness and see the impact he had on so many others lives.

This Kobe Bryant memorial tattoo is the Black Mamba wrapped around the Black Mamba logo. A great Kobe memorial tattoo that also looks great.

Here is another Kobe Bryant memorial tattoo. This tattoo features Kobe Bryant's signature and his number 24. A simple and clean memorial tattoo, 

This Kobe Bryant memorial tattoo show his silhouette doing what he loved, playing basketball. Again, wear his number 24 lakers jersey.  

A very simple Kobe Bryant memorial tattoo. Just his initials KB, and his number 24 in a black outline.

We will be adding new Kobe Bryant memorial tattoos as we do them, so check back often because we have been doing a lot of them. And, if you would like to create your own Kobe Bryant Memorial tattoo please let us know. Our artists are all from Southern California, and can help you make your Kobe Bryant memorial tattoo something special, just like your memory of the man himself.


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