How Much Do Tattoos Cost? Top 5 Factors That Affect Tattoo Cost

How Much Do Tattoos Cost? Top 5 Factors That Affect Tattoo Cost

This is one of the most common questions we get at the tattoo shop.

The question is straightforward, and the answer seems simple enough, right?


There are many factors that determine the cost of a tattoo, such as; Tattoos size, tattoo design, tattoo location, what tattoo shop you go to, and many other factors that are almost numerous to list.

That is why when you get a tattoo the best way to figure out how much the tattoo costs is to come in to a tattoo shop and have a consultation with an artist. Then you can sit down, discuss your design, and if you're lucky enough to be at Mr. Inkwells get an upfront price. 

Now that you know the best way to find out how much a tattoo costs. Let’s break down factors that can make tattoos cost more or less. So, you can have an idea of what to spend on your next tattoo.

#1 Tattoo Size:

The size of you tattoo has perhaps the biggest impact on the cost of a tattoo. 

The time needed for even the smallest tattoo is about 45 minutes. Because even though the tattoo is small, the artist still needs to set up their station, get their machine ready, get their inks ready, get your design ready, prepare the area on your body to tattoo, make your stencil, place your stencil, get you position right in the chair. Then, after all that, tattoo you.

Once they are finished with the tattoo, they then need to: Clean your tattoo, wrap your tattoo, go over tattoo aftercare with you, check you out, then clean their station.

As you can see a lot more work goes into the cost of you tattoo then you initial thought, right?

As the tattoo becomes larger the time for design and actually being tattooed is increased, in turn increase the cost of the tattoo. 

#2 Tattoo Location:

Location also has a large impact on the cost of a tattoo. 

Tattoo on the face of your shoulder are a lot easier and less time consuming than doing a tattoo on your finger or neck. Plus, tattoos in some locations requie more touch ups than the average tattoo.

Just like every other aspect that affects the price of a tattoo, tattoo locations that a difficult and increase the time it takes to do the tattoo, will in turn increase the cost of the tattoo.

#3 Custom or Flash Tattoo:

Are you planning on getting a custom tattoo or a flash tattoo?

Your decision will help determine the cost of your tattoo. 

A flash tattoo is an exclusive tattoo done by one of our world class tattoo artists. They are designs that they already have created. On top of that they are designs they wanted to create and want to tattoo.

What does this mean for you?

This means you get an exclusive tattoo design at a great price because it is pre-made and the tattoo artist really wants to tattoo it. That is what makes flash tattoos so awesome. Great one of a kind tattoo art, and a great cost.

Did you have something else special in mind that you couldn’t find in the flash options?

No problem! Your artists can create any custom tattoo you may want from scratch. This does increase the cost slightly, but again it takes longer to design and tattoo.

Either choice, custom or flash is a good one. Just be aware that it will affect the cost of your new tattoo.

#4 Tattoo Design:  

A life like portrait tattoo is going to cost more than  a simple skull and crossbones tattoo. The reason again is the time it takes to do the tattoo.

If you want something very simple like a cross that is 4” x 4” the cost of the tattoo will be lower. If you want a 4” x 4” Mandala it is going to make the tattoo cost more. The complexity of the tattoo, makes tattoos that take up the same area (4” x 4”) , cost different amounts. Lower cost and time for simple, higher cost and time for complex.

#5 Your Tattoo Artist and Shop: 

Everyone at Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop is world class and they all charge we same hourly rate. Some other tattoo shops cost more, and some other tattoo shops are cost less. Garage tattoo artist charge even then most shops. So, if the cost of your tattoo is your main motivation (Not artist quality, shop quality, safety, etc.),  you can jump on your local craigslist and get tatted in the passenger seat of some stranger's car for pennies on the dollar.

All kidding aside, don’t put something that is going to last forever in the hands of an incompetent artist or shop just to save some money. You are investing in yourself, in art, and in something that lasts a lifetime. Invest wisely.

As stated before there are nearly infinite variables in the cost of a tattoo.Hopefully this guide has put you on the right path and has given you an idea of what affects the price of your new tattoo.

Again, the easiest way to find out the exact cost of the tattoo you are planning to get is to come in to your local Mr. Inkwells Tattoo Shop. We will be able to walk you through the entire process of getting tattooed from start to finish, and of course, give you a price upfront, with no obligation or pressure. 

See you soon

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