Top 10 Linework Tattoos: Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

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Top 10 Linework Tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Top 10 Linework Tattoos: Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Lines have always outlined the world that we live in. Humans have used the simple elegance of the line to express our most complex thoughts and feelings in the form of words and art. Whether the artistic medium is cave walls, paper, or tattooed on the flesh, the simple lines have always been able to speak to us.

That is why we put together our list of the 10 Best Ideas for Livework Tattoos. This list will include linework tattoos for any taste, from the simple to complex. And they will all tell an individual story using only lines to guide your imagination.

So, succumb to the simplicity, be sure to read between the lines, and enjoy our list of the 10 Best Linework Tattoo Ideas…

#10: Linework Rose Tattoo

'A rose tattoo!' 'A rose tattoo!' "You can't go wrong with a rose tattoo!'. Just ask the Dropkick Murphys, a rose tattoo is the perfect linework tattoo. The linework rose tattoo below is a classic example of how even simple lines, when arranged correctly, can capture the complex beauty of nature.

Linework Rose Tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Rony

#9: Linework Script Tattoo

Lines create words, words create thoughts, thoughts create feelings, and feelings drive action. A simple phrase, composed of simple lines, can keep your head in the right place and your life on the right track. 

Live In Awe Script Tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas 

Tattoo done by Ryan


#8: Self Love Linework Tattoo

"If you can't be with the one you love.." Then love the one you're with!'. Quite the musical tattoo list this is turning out be, I think I may start dancing, but I won't be 'Dancing with mysel- elf!'. Maybe just "Line dancing..". Okay, getting a little off track, it's time to get back in line, gotta get my head straight... 

Self Love Linework Tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sara

#7: Sacred Geometry Linework Tattoo

Lines and the shapes they create have always captured the imagination. We search out symmetry, we find meaning in symbols, and those symbols bring a sense of power and control. Linework tattoos are the perfect way to become one with those symbols, and have their power connected with us forever.

Geometric Shapes down Thumb Tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Devon

#6: Complex Linework Tattoo

The complexity of this linework tattoo goes perfectly with its subject matter; how to fold an origami swan. Not only does this linework tattoo look cool, it also holds the blueprint to a successful life, by giving you the cheat code to making napkins look awesome at your next dinner party. Hats' off to you, the Hostess with the mostest!

Fold a Swan Origami Tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

#5: Linework Cat Tattoo

Me---Ow! This linework tattoo definitely isn't for the dogs, I think I'm coming down with a case of 'Cat scratch fever!'. This Selina Kyle approved linework tattoo really just sinks its claws into you, and makes you want to strut your stuff on the catwalk, 'Yeah, on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah I shake my little tush on the catwalk!'.

Continuous Line Cat Tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

#4: Unalome Linework Tattoo 

The Unalome is a line that represents the path to enlightenment. As you can see from the tattoo, the path is not a straight one, just like life there are many twists and turns on your path to any goal. The goal is to always get back on track, and make those trips off course smaller and smaller, until you are on a straight line to your goal. The three dots at the point of the Unalome.

Unalome Linework tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

#3: Family Linework Tattoo

You can almost sense your family before they enter a room (or in my case, hear them from almost anywhere.). An outline is all you need, then your memories will fill in the rest. This makes a family tattoo the perfect linework tattoo when you need to be reminded you are part of something greater than yourself.

Mother Father and Baby Linework Tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

#2: Sun and Moon Linework Tattoo

This sun and moon linework tattoo represents in just a few lines the need for balance and temperance to create harmony in this world. The sun and moon are combined, almost embracing one another, because they need each other. The yin and the yang, day and night, good and evil, people with tattoos and boring people... 

Moon in sun Linework Tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Summer

#1: Continuous Line Tattoo

The line that never ends, is the last linework tattoo on our list. This continuous line tattoo proves that when you can't see the speakers eyes, it can seem like they are saying two things at once. 

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Continuos Line Two Faces Tattoo Best Linework Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sara

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Linework Tattoo Ideas, what were some of your favorite linework tattoos? Any linework tattoos you think should have been on the list but didn’t make it? Let us know in the comments below.

Did this linework tattoo list go straight to your heart and make you want a linework tattoo of your own? If so, make a beeline to Mr. Inkwells Tattoo Shop and book your tattoo, where one of our amazing artists can design you a top of the line linework tattoo. .

See you soon!


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