Best Hand and Finger Tattoos: Top 10 Hand and Finger Tattoo Ideas

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Best Hand and Finger Tattoo Ideas 10 Best Hand and Finger Tattoos

Best Hand and Finger Tattoos: Top 10 Hand and Finger Tattoo Ideas

You wave with it, you high five with it, you use it to solidify bonds with others, the humble hand, with it’s faithful allies the fingers.

Their importance in our lives is taken for granted. Yet the hands and fingers are still one of the easiest to recognize symbols of how we are feeling. Clenched in a fist is symbolizes power and unity. Stretched wide and waving symbolizes friendliness and guidance. The middle finger alone raised….

The humble hand and fingers are relatively small, but their power is mighty. They can be used to fashion tools to create epic monuments. However, they can also be with a surgeon's precision able to work in virtually microscopic detail. Their versatility is boundless, just like our imaginations.

As individuals we recognize the stoic power of the hand. And, as individuals we want to decorate our hands and fingers to match our specific personality. Since the beginning of our time we have been decorating our hands and fingers with bracelets, rings, and of course the tattoos.

In our modern times hand and finger tattoos are beginning to see a resurgence. Tattoos are not as hidden as they once were, people wear them proudly. Adorning every part of our body, even the tattooed hand that is extended in friendship.

If you are thinking about your first hand or finger tattoo, or maybe adding another, this list is for you. It will give you inspiration for your new hand or finger tattoo, and help you find a way to show others who you are without saying a word …. by simply extending your hand.


#10 Between Thumb and Index Finger Tattoos (Webbing Tattoos)

Webbing tattoos, or between the index finger and thumb tattoos, or whatever you call them are a great tattoo idea. They look great, and they are not too painful as far as tattoos go. Fun Fact, if you squeeze that area while touching other fingers with your thumb, you can use how it feels to gauge how done a steak is.

Between Index Finger and Thumb Tattoos

Webbing Tattoos

Ghost Webbing Tattoo

Words Between Index Finger and Thumb Tattoo

 Artwork top to bottom Various Mr.Inkwells Artists, Ryan, Tacho, Summer


#9. Under Finger and Palm Tattoos

Under finger and palm tattoos are not a very common tattoo. Part of the reason why is the pain of being tattooed in those very sensitive areas. The other reason is, these tattoos can only be be done by highly experienced tattoo artist, and even with the best tattoo artist, the tattoo may need to be touched up.

Rose Palm Tattoo

Under Finger Tattoos

Artwork top to bottom done by  TachoRyan


#8. Thumb Tattoos

Thumb tattoos are perfect finger tattoos for something oval or square shaped. The thumb being the shortest finger and usually the widest, lends itself to the thicker tattoo designs than the other more slender fingers.

Thumb Mandala Tattoos

Thumb Symbol Tattoos

 Artwork top to bottom Sarah, Ryan


#7. Top of Hand by Thumb Tattoos

The big brother of the webbing tattoo, these hand tattoo encompass a bigger space, and incorporate the hand and the thumb in the same tattoo. These hand and finger tattoos are perfect for  larger designs.

Top of Hand By Thumb Tattoos

Top of Hand By Thumb Tattoo Mandala

Eye Top of Thumb and Hand Tattoo

 Artwork top to bottom Summer, Eddie, and  Sarah


#6. Whole Hand and Finger Tattoos

If you are a "Go big, or go home" guy or gal this tattoo is for you. This hand and finger combo tattoo is perfect for larger tattoo designs, or  these tattoos can be the matching glove for your tattoo sleeve.

Hand and Finger Cloud Tattoo

 Artwork done by  Sarah


#5. Side of Hand Tattoos

Side of hand tattoos are very sneaky, they are one of the only hand tattoos that often goes unnoticed. This makes them the perfect choice for someone who wants a hand tattoo, but doesn't particularly want to flaunt it.

Flowers Side Of Hand Tattoo

Script Side Of Hand Tattoo

Cursive Script Side of Hand Tattoo

Sparkles Side of Hand Tattoo

 Artwork top to bottom EddieRyanRyan, Tacho


#4. Single Finger Tattoos

Single finger tattoos are a great place to start on your hand and finger tattoo journey. They are not too big of a commitment as far as tattoos go. Plus, you can see how it feels and see if you like how it looks before you opt for a larger tattoo.

Skull Couples Finger Tattoo

Leaf Finger Tattoo

Clover Finger Tattoo

Script Finger Tattoo

 Artwork top to bottom TachoTachoRyan, Eddie


#3. Inside Finger Tattoos

This finger tattoo, like the side of hand tattoo, is an awesome low-key tattoo that no one needs to know about but you. Ideal for tattooing sayings our symbols that can be used to quickly remind you of something special throughout your day.

Inside Finger Tattoo Script

Inside Finger Tattoo King of Hearts

Inside finger Tattoo Rainbow Dots

Inside Finger Tattoo Red and Black

 Artwork top to bottom Ryan, EddieSummer, Eddie


#2. Top of Hand Tattoos

The top of the hand tattoo is just a really cool looking spot to get a tattoo. Everyone sees the tattoo when you meet them, and the tattoos look super good peeking out of a long sleeved shirt or hoodie.

Hand Rose Tattoo Old School

Hand Tattoo Typewriter Text

Color Flower Hand Tattoo

Jewels Hand Tattoo

 Artwork top to bottom   Sarah,  Sarah, Eddie, Sarah


#1. Knuckle Tattoos

Number one of our list of Best Hand and Finger Tattoo Ideas is knuckle tattoos. These tattoos are look very cool, and they are the "classic" hand and finger tattoo. So, if you are wonder what hand and finger tattoo to go with, go with the traditional knuckle tattoos, and you won't be sorry.

Animal Skull Finger Knuckle Tattoo

Warrior Symbols Finger Knuckle Tattoos

Script Finger Knuckle Tattoos

Old School Knuckle Tattoos

Art work top to bottom SteveRyan, Eddie,  Sarah


Hopefully this list gave you some good ideas for your next hand or finger tattoo. And, when booking your next tattoo, you can't go wrong with Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos. 

See you soon!


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