50 Best Halloween Tattoos: #36-50

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Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas The Best Halloween Tats

50 Best Halloween Tattoos: #36-50

Hello boils and ghouls, this Halloween your favorite “Tattoo Keeper”, Mr. Inkwells is counting down the top 50 most horrifying, hell-raising, Halloween tattoo ideas to inject into your warm, fresh, flesh.

These terrifying tattoos will be perfect to make your skin crawl, and bleed… Ha! He, He, Ha! With creepy crawlies, icky wickies, and frightful phantoms, there is a tattoo for every… body!

So, dim your lights, lock your doors, and get ready to scream! As you partake in the trembling terror, of… The  Best Halloween Tattoos…

#50: Coffin Halloween Tattoo

 This Halloween tattoo was just "dying" to get on our list. It seems that it would go to any depths (even 6 feet under), to make the Halloween tattoo list... This blackwork coffin tattoo is exactly what the undertaker ordered! 

Traditional Coffin Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Devon

#49: Crystal Ball Halloween Tattoo

This crystal ball tattoo is showing me pain... and blood in your future.. But, don't worry kiddo, it's just because you are going to get a new tattoo, it will be a bloody good time!

Crystal Ball Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sara

#48: Skeleton Praying Halloween Tattoo

This guy looks like he is praying for something to eat. I mean look at him, he is all skin and bones... minus the skin! If you are praying for a terrifying tattoo this skeleton halloween tattoo just may the answer you are looking for.

Skeleton Praying Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Summer

#47: Pentagram Halloween Tattoos

Even Witches need protection, kids on Halloween can be very naughty... just ask Hansel and Gretel! These pentagram tattoos are perfect for keeping Witches safe on Halloween. But, "witch" one should you choose?

Pentagram and Pentagram with Circle Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Devon

#46: Deathhead Moth Halloween Tattoo

They used to call me a "Deathhead" when I was roadie for Cannibal Corpse! This deathhead moth tattoo is the perfect Halloween tattoo for all those butterflys of the night...

Death Head Moth Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

#45: T-Rex T-Horse Monster Halloween Tattoo

I found this little guy in the water off my family Doctors island.. you might know him.. Dr. Moreau! Anyway, Halloween is perfect for mixing monsters, maybe you can even have a nice "Monster Mash"!

T Rex Seahorse Monster Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

#44: Crystal Skull Inkwell Halloween Tattoo

Many of you kiddies have already gotten bloody at Mr. Inkwells, but this tattoo is an inkwell full of blood... you didn't think we would throw out all that good blood did you? Just to make things "crystal clear", when you sign the consent form with this quill, you are Blood bound!

Crystal Skull Inkwell with Blood Ink Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Steve

#43: Pumpkin Head Office Halloween Tattoo

Whoever would wear this to "The Office" on Halloween must have the "Dwight" stuff. I'm no old "Schrute" or anything, but I can really appreciate a classic Halloween costume tattoo.

Dwight Pumpkin Head Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Devon

#42: Zombie Halloween Tattoo

Has the idea of getting a Halloween tattoo just been "eating at you"? Then, a zombie Halloween tattoo is the perfect thing to satisfy your appetite for mangled flesh... don't even let anyone tell you, you don't have "brains"!

Zombie Cover up Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Steve

#41: Zero Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Tattoo

The real "Nightmare" is cleaning up ghost poop... everything he eats just goes right through him!  And with all his booarking, I get "Zero" rest... but he is cute... in an undead sort of way.

Zero Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Tacho

#40: Joker Hand and Laugh Halloween Tattoo

This is a "seriously" great Halloween tattoo idea for all you "Jokers" out there! You can laugh your way straight to the Arkham Asylum and enjoy Halloween with all the other "Batties"!

Joker Hand Tattoo to Cover Face Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Steve

#38: Cannibal Kewpie Halloween Tattoo

The most important thing for a growing child is good nutrition. So kiddies, remember to eat right... and left arms... like that cute little cannibal tattoo below! And, you'll grow up to be a big and strong Wendigo!

Cannibal Kewpie Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sara

#37: Jar with Skull and Blood Halloween Tattoo

One of the classic Halloween combos! Like "trick and treat"or "chocolate and peanut butter", Blood and skulls just makes your mouth water... This Halloween tattoo puts it all in an easy to drink jar, like a cannibalistic juice box! 

Glass Jar with Blood and Skull Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sara


#36: Lost Boys Halloween Tattoo

Some say they are "lost", but these kiddos seem to really know where they are going... straight for the neck! This Lost Boys Halloween tattoo always reminds me of my favorite vacation spot... Santa Carla, The Murder Capital Of The World!

Lost Boys Vampire Tattoo Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sarah

Well kiddies, how did you like our list of the Best blood curdling Halloween tattoo ideas? Were they depraved enough tattoos for your delinquent minds?

Was there a tattoo grotesque enough that you would want to patch it on your skin suit for the rest of your pathetic life? If so, then make sure you run down to your local Mr. Inkwells, where one of their highly skilled blood ritual artists can disfigure your flesh in the most beautiful way.

And, tune in next week as we continue our list of the Best Halloween tattoos, with tattoos even more horrific Ha! Ha! Heee! He! Ha!

See you soon!


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