Titanium Threadless Push in Flat Back CZ Flower Earring

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Color | Clear/Silver Titanium

Gauge | 20G

Post Length | 1/4" (6mm)

Only 12 left!

Our Titanium Threadless Push in Flat Back CZ Flower Earring is perfect for everyday wear! The implant grade titanium threadless backing is a flat back so you can comfortably sleep and wear this earring as long as your heart desires! Choose from a variety of gauges and sizes for the perfect fit to any piercing. It's super cute by itself or you can stack along your earlobes and cartilage. It's also perfect for a dainty nose piercing and for labret lip piercings. This threadless push in Cz Flower earring and flat back are made of Implant Grade Titanium, the most body safe metal

Gauge Guide:

20G  ✨ Perfect for Earlobes and Nostril Piercings

18G  ✨ Perfect for Earlobes and Nostril and Cartilage Piercings

16G  ✨ Perfect for Cartilage and Lip Piercings

*Sold as a single piece with a backing ( Add 2 for a Pair)

Premium Body Safe Body Jewelry, More Jewelry Available In-Store at Mr. Inkwells.
We recommend for initial piercings you go to Mr.Inkwells or your local piercing shop for jewelry that has been sterilized in an autoclave. 
  • Variant: Clear/Silver Titanium / 20G / 1/4" (6mm)
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