Candace “Candy” Vallarta

Candace “Candy” hails from Southern California and has some of the sweetest line work in the west. Captivated by tattooing at age 14 by watching successful female artists on TV, it is her goal to inspire others the way she was. When you enter the “Candy Store” make sure to sample all of her favorite tattoo styles like, berry black and gray,  fine line lime, succulent script, and  any flavor of her color tattoos. If you want a tattoo that’s a real treat, then satisfy your sweet tooth with Candy.


Candace's Recent Tattoos

Small Butterfly Tattoo

Blackwork Tattoo

Continuous Line Tattoo

Continuous Line Tattoo

Fine Line Script Tattoo

Script Tattoo

Humming Bird Tattoo

Nature Tattoo

Clean Roman Numerals Tattoos

Small Tattoo

Line Work Flower tattoo

Flower Tattoo

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