Thirty Minutes of Auditory Ecstasy

Tune In, Relax, and Enjoy.

A Curious Trio of Mind, Body, and Soul Exploration

The place where out of the box techniques and mindfulness mingle with virtue and knowledge in a delectable cocktail of liquid mind and body relaxation.

The Neon Coconut is your relaxation oasis. A place to slow down, open your mind, and truly define what’s important in your life. We explore ideas and practices from the past and present to help you create a better future.

We meet with amazing people from all walks of life, These include professional in fields of: Meditation, yoga, fitness, positive mindset, philosophy, nature therapy, and many other outside the box forms of mental, spiritual, and physical growth.

From these interviews we learn tips and tricks to help us live a more meaningful life.

As a great philosopher once said the true path to pleasure is though improvement.  So, indulge yourself by improving yourself and listen to The Neon Coconut today!