Titanium Threadless Push In CZ Heart Cherry Earring Top with Titanium Flat Backing

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Gauge | 20 Gauge

Length | 1/4" 6mm

Color | Titanium

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 This earring top is crafted from the highest quality implant grade titanium, ensuring a durable and safe option for body piercings. The threadless design allows for easy insertion and removal, while the CZ heart cherry adds a touch of sparkle. Complete your piercing look with this sparkly cherry titanium earring.

Gauge Guide:

20G  ✨ Perfect for Earlobes and Nostril Piercings

18G  ✨ Perfect for Earlobes and Nostril and Cartilage Piercings

16G  ✨ Perfect for Cartilage and Lip Piercings

*Sold as a single piece with a backing ( add 2 for a pair)

Premium Body Safe Body Jewelry, More Jewelry Available In-Store at Mr. Inkwells.

We recommend for initial piercings you go to Mr.Inkwells or your local piercing shop for jewelry that has been sterilized in an autoclave. 
  • Variant: 20 Gauge / 1/4" 6mm / Titanium
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  • Product Type: Jewelry
  • Brand: MrInkwells