Mr. Inkwells Guarantee

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We know deciding what tattoo shop to get your tattoo is a tough decision, that is why we make your decision easy with the Mr. Inkwells Guarantee!

Upfront Pricing: We always give you a time and price estimate for your tattoo upfront. That way you know the cost before your tattoo even begins, not after like some tattoo shops.

Top Quality All Natural Inks: We only use top quality all natural vegan inks for are tattoos. We know that when you are getting a tattoo you want only the best tattoo ink being used, and that is why we only use the best.

Clean and Classy Shop: A tattoo is a procedure, that is why we keep our tattoo shop as clean as a doctors office. We also know that sometimes tattoo shops can be intimidating, that's why everyone at Mr. Inkwells makes our shop experience the most informative and pleasurable as possible.

World Class Artists: Every tattoo artist at Mr. Inkwells is highly trained and experienced. Not only are they world class tattoo artists, our artists are classically trained, art school alumni, and all around amazing artists.