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  • 21st Century American Renaissance

    The 21st Century American Renaissance

    The 21st Century American Renaissance Do you remember the days when you commemorated all life’s milestones with a trip to your local artist workshop, where you told them your idea for a work of art, and then commissioned a painting? What… You don’t? Of course you don’t, the only people that commissioned paintings were aristocracy […] More

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  • Friday The 13th Tattoo Deals

    Let Mr. Inkwells Be Your Lucky Rabbits Foot (or octopus tentacle) This Friday The 13th!

    This Friday the 13th we are helping you fight superstition with $77.7 tattoos, take that 13, we saw your measly two digits and raised you three 7’s. Book an appointment Today! Check out the Art that is available for this spooky day!           More

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  • The Ink That Binds

    The Ink That Binds

    The Ink That Binds At Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos we have people from all walks of life come through our door. And, all these people want different tattoos, and each tattoo has a different meaning. Sometimes the simplest tattoo can have the deepest meaning. This past Friday, I was able to watch as the simple […] More

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  • Forget Me Not Tattoo

    Forget me not. An unforgettable tattoo for an unbelievable man

    Recently Alison Sipe, of Garden Grove, Ca came into Mr.Inkwells and wanted to get a tattoo to remember an important person in her life. Here is what she decided on and had to say about it… “I decided to get forget me nots in memory of my mom’s boyfriend who recently passed away due to […] More

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  • Interview With Tami Martina

    Interview With Our Female Founder

    Interview With Tami Martina Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?I was always into art of all kinds, but the one thing that I always was the most interested in and impressed by was body art. From theater makeup to tattoos and everything in between. Body art is my true passion. My interest and...

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  • How To Choose Your First Tattoo

    How To Choose Your First Tattoo: The Definitive 5 Step Guide

    How To Choose The Best Tattoo For Your First Tattoo Getting your first tattoo is awesome, but you may be asking yourself “What should you get?” “What tattoo will be the best tattoo for me?” Take a breath, don’t worry. Mr. Inkwells is here to help. With a few basics in mind you can make […] More

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